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Radio control NOVA XL 2.8
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Type: radio
Interface: joystick
Other characteristics: rugged, safety
Product applications: industrial
Continuing our world-class leadership in Radio Remote Control technology the new NOVA XL2.8 belly pack offers expanded capability for real-time operator feedback with customizable GUI on a larger 2.8" Color TFT back-lit display. The cutting-edge NOVA XL 2.8 is designed with the latest man to machine interface technology including a wide range of control frequencies, 4xxMHz, 868MHz, 1.216GHz or 2.4GHz. We have field tested the NOVA XL2.8 at a range of 100m with internal antenna and operating time of 10 hours using our 9Ah or NEW 10.6Ah lithium ion battery packs.
If you are looking for a Radio Remote Control that helps improve operator safety and efficiency the NOVA XL 2.8 is your solution! Hetronic safety, rugged dependability and ergonomic design allows you to configure the NOVA XL2.8 to meet your specific application needs. Offering up to four (4) multi-axis joysticks, up to 8 linear paddle levers, key switches, toggle switches, push buttons, rotary switches and a large stop switch the NOVA XL2.8 is the right radio remote for your application. Additional customer options include our patented tilt-sensors in the handle or cable back-up.

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