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Radio control NOVA XXL 4.3
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Type: radio
Interface: with buttons, joystick
Other characteristics: safety, rugged
Product applications: industrial
The cutting-edge NOVA XXL 4.3 becomes the flag-ship of the field proven NOVA series of Radio Remote Control transmitters. The NOVA XXL 4.3 offers the latest machine-to-man interface technology with a new 4.3” TFT color display, tilt-sensors in the handle for improved safety, optional 9.0Ah or 10.6Ah lithium-ion battery pack for extended use and real-time data capability.
The NOVA XXL 4.3 is designed with Hetronic safety, rugged dependability and ergonomics that provides room for up to 16 proportional functions. Customer options include dual-axis joysticks (digital or proportional), linear paddle levers, toggle switches, rotary switches, buttons and LED’s.
The 4.3” TFT color display is available for real-time data access and process feedback as well as wireless real-time video capability. Other features of the NOVA XXL 4.3 include optional internal adjustable tilt sensor or leading edge TouchSensor™ sensors in the handles that provide an enhanced “man-down” safety feature.
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