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Radio control EURO
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Radio control EURO
Type: radio
Interface: with buttons, joystick
Other characteristics: custom, safety
Product applications: industrial, for overhead cranes
The EURO transmitter is based on the same footprint as the GR unit, offering a large control panel with a wide range of functional controls. The spacious control panel surface will accommodate numerous joysticks, toggle switches and other operator interface controls. Configuration is done at the factory for each specific application and custom options can include multiple configurations including dual-axis joysticks (digital or proportional) and a substantial number of single-axis paddle levers.
The Euro transmitter can be used to control a wide range of applications ranging from tunnel-drilling machines to earth moving equipment and heavy duty marine cranes as well as a wide range of specialty and harsh environment process control applications. When operators need a robust, harsh environment control for complex and/or multi-function applications the EURO meets their needs. The EURO is designed with a comfortable ergonomically designed shoulder harness that reduces operator fatigue and improves safety in the field.

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